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A descant is a counter melody written above the original melody. Its main purpose is to enhance the original melody without overpowering it. It heightens the effectiveness of the worship experience by adding a sense of climax and joy to a hymn.

Why hymn descants? I felt a need to expand my flute playing in church to more that just playing the various lines in the hymnal. Descants allow me to do this and bring more glory to God through my music. I found a few descant resources scattered here and there about the internet, but no one comprehensive site, so www.hymndescants.com was born.

This blog provides a forum for all to discuss descants as used in hymns. Posts can cover finding descants, writing, playing and/or singing descants.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Descants « Thoroughly Good Blog

Christmas Descants « Thoroughly Good Blog
I don't think I've ever read a better description of descants at Christmas that what was written in this post: "The melody which soars above the rest of the hymn in the final verse transforms transforms the collective praise between congregation and choir into a intense moment of triumph and joy. The descant amplifies the theatrical aspect of the celebration. The sense of drama is palpable. And if it’s a particularly good descant, it’s almost impossible not to sing along."

Sunday, August 15, 2010

“Why Write Hymns?”

“Why Write Hymns?” | New Old Hymns: "Hymns are purposeful in a way that many worship songs are not. To read or sing through a hymn is to be struck by theological weight, measured thought, and poetic beauty. Lines flow together simply and harmoniously in an unbroken pattern. It is easy to sense the writer’s care for the gospel and his or her personal experience of the topic at hand. A hymn can explore a particular subject, instruct the worshipper, relate humanity to God, and adore the beauty of God’s character. A good hymn does all this."

Monday, July 26, 2010

When God Seems Distant - TheoCenTriC

When God Seems Distant - TheoCenTriC
Learning to Sing the Sad Songs of the Bible - The Psalms of Lament
Have you every noticed how much sadness (troubles, complaints, frustrations) there are in some of the Psalms (the ancient Hebrew song book). What would it be like if we were to sing some of these words to a blues or alternative rock style of music in church? Have you ever seen a lament song in a church hymnal?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

David Maurand :: Hymn Descants

I was surfing around one day looking for descants to "Be Thou My Vision" when I reran into this site: David Maurand :: Descants. I didn't remember this site looking so stylish and professional. An excellent site. You can print and use the descants you find there free of charge for church services and concerts, even submit your own recording of the descants and he will post it. (Makes me feel bad that I haven't update my own website in a while - hopefully soon, will let y'all know).

Monday, March 15, 2010

O Sacred Head Now Wounded with descant

A free hymn arrangement with descant for numerous instrumentations and voice, available from cuthbertpraise.com.
Click on the song title for a direct download of the sheet music O Sacred Head Now Wounded